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  1. If you listen to accident number 16 very carefully you will see that the woman who was driving the car was quite occupied talking on the phone instead of paying attention driving as she was making a turn when she should have realized that she has to wait legally for the lane to be clear before she executes left turn to go up into a driveway what she did not do because she was occupied talking on the phone while she was driving what she obviously cannot do because she cannot multitask

  2. №12 ПрофессиАнал совсем что ли еб@нулся.

  3. №5 А что спорного в этом ДТП? Там знак – 2.4 “Уступите дорогу”. Водитель должен уступить дорогу транспортным средствам, движущимся по пересекаемой дороге

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